we create events that empower women

hello. we’re L13.
an event planning & design agency.


we have 2o+ years experience developing brands and celebrating their stories.

we're passionate partiers,
badass marketers, rebel rousers, crowd pleasers, action heroes, tech witches,

and above all else,




robust strategy

We are strategic event planners. We’ve learned from years of marketing experience that strategy is essential for creating a brand experience with the greatest impact. Before execution, we create a clear cut strategy for the brand, the communications, the engagement, and design.


bionic eye for detail

The truth of a story lies in the details. In our efforts to capture a brand's essence, we pay attention to every detail going into an experience. Passionate. Obsessive. Call it what you will – our desire to get it right results in events that spark magic and leave lasting impressions. 


electrifying creativity

We are artists. We approach each project with a fresh eye and zest for creating something new. Our experience building interactive installations has given us a unique insight into how to engage people in a creative way and make meaningful connections.