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L13 is my solution to the inequities & injustices women face in the workplace.

– Larissa Killough, L13 founding mother


women working with women

 Photography by @Linda Obuchoska

my story

In the spring of 2015, I was a single mom of two kids. After a lengthy and traumatizing harassment case at my last place of work, I was taking time to reconnect with the kids and figure out what I wanted to do next. I was angry about what I had experienced in my professional life: sexual harassment, being paid below my level of experience, and struggling to succeed in a workplace culture that doesn’t support working moms, especially single working moms.

I knew I was not alone. The statistics to support my plight were well documented with no singular solution. Then my brother passed away and I shelved the idea until the #metoo movement arose.

L13 is my #metoo solution. My goal is to empower women at all stages of their careers so their voices are heard and their wisdom shared for the benefit of ALL.

– Larissa Killough,
Founding Mother of L13



Larissa is the "Founding Mother" of L13 as well as an artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY with her amazingly badass family and two gorgeous pups.

For more than 25 years, she has been building brands and experiences. From developing Gap's original Old Navy logo to throwing her first events for Ann Richards as a youth organizer for her 1994 gubernatorial  campaign. 

She was the creative lead for 12 events promoting NBCUniversal's Oxygen network. There, she utilized her experience as a sculptor and advertising creative to transform spaces, create marketing campaigns, edit video, scout locations, develop run of shows, hire/oversee teams of editors, designers, sound engineers, music directors, choreographers, florists, venue managers, photographers, caterers... 

Bringing people together has always been a motivating force for her. She's found her "happy place" utilizing her advertising and marketing experience to amplify her passion for social change.