we create events that empower women

We always bring our  "A-Team"

L13 was created because of a desire to team up with the best people we've worked with over the years – both in talent and team-playing abilities. Thereby, eliminating the possibility of the "weakest link".

Bringing people together is our passion. We build events from the ground up and can also work with your in-house departments, depending on your needs. 

Our services include:

  • event planning & management

  • concept, design, & production

  • location & venue scouting

  • copy/grant writing

  • experiential marketing

No one event is the same which is why we source the best people to execute and deliver a custom experience unique to your brand. Think of us as a think tank full of femme-power made especially for you!


L13's Founding Mother

 Photography by Linda Obuchoska

Photography by Linda Obuchoska

Larissa Killough is the "Founding Mother" of L13 as well as an artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY with her amazing family and two feisty pups.

For more than 25 years, she has been building brands and experiences. From developing Gap's original Old Navy branding and identity to throwing her first events for Ann Richards as a youth organizer on her 1994 gubernatorial campaign. 

She was the creative lead for 12 events promoting NBCUniversal's Oxygen network. There, she utilized her experience as a sculptor and advertising creative to transform spaces, create marketing campaigns, edit video, scout locations, develop run of shows, hire/oversee teams of editors, designers, sound engineers, music directors, choreographers, florists, venue managers, photographers, caterers... 

Bringing people together has always been a motivating force for her. She's found her "happy place" utilizing her advertising and marketing experience to amplify her passion for social change. 


We create events that empower women.

L13 is an event planning agency with a purpose – empowering women.

We empower women with our 3-part business model: EMPLOY, ENGAGE, and MENTOR women. Our teams are 100% women. Our collective strength and expertise in engaging women makes us the best choice for clients seeking to reach women with their story.


We engage women.

Women make 85 percent of all consumer purchases and 91 percent of them don't feel like marketers get them. We want to be part of the solution. We are "female experts" with years of experience engaging women with authenticity and respect. 

We work with clients who want to reach their female fan base. We also work with clients who are women and need help strategizing events and experiences to promote their brand.

We employ women.

Our teams are 100 percent women. We need more women in leadership positions. Currently, 11 percent of creative directors are women. 14.6 percent are executive officers, 8.1 percent are top earners, and 4.6 percent are Fortune 500 CEOs. And yet, women are 50.8 percent of the U.S. population. We want to be part of the solution. 

One of the greatest contributing factors for this inequity, is dated workplace cultures. Talented women are leaving the workforce. Women value flexibility over title and compensation. L13 operates out of remote offices and with flex-time hours to make it easier for women to do all of the things they need and want to do!

We mentor women.

Our mentoring initiative is more than a program, it's an integral part of our business model. 2/3 of Americans believe it's important for women starting their careers to have women in leadership positions as role models. Yet, only 63% of women have had a formal mentor.

We mentor women starting their careers. We mentor women already established in their careers. We're building a network of support for wherever women are on their career path.