Being a Mentor and Being Mentored at the Same Time

Since its inception, we’ve made it a point to include mentoring as an integral part of L13’s business model. Not having mentors ourselves could have posed a challenge. How can we mentor someone if we’ve never been mentored? Easy! With humility, respect, and a desire to be the change that we want to see in the world. In short, BE THE MENTOR we wished we had when we were first starting our careers.

We know the importance of having mentors in our personal and professional lives. Unfortunately, women have fewer opportunities to form these connections in the typical workplace. It doesn’t take research to know that we are more likely to succeed with a mentor. 80% of CEOs said they received some form of mentorship. And reverse mentoring? The benefits are equally impactful.

This week, Adeline, a young, aspiring actress with lots of creativity and savviness with the latest social media platforms, started interning for us. Our project with her was creating an Instagram account for L13. Sounds fun and easy, right? Fun, yes. Easy? Not so much. Adeline was eager to dive in and start creating posts. Teaching her the importance of devising a plan or strategy beforehand was a little deflating.

First Lesson of Mentoring – Set clear, obtainable goals.

This helps the mentee and the mentor know what they’re working toward.

Our Three Goals for the Day:

  1. Come up with themes for Instagram
  2. Create schedule/calendar for themes
  3. Make first Insta-post!

Together, we mapped out a plan, developing themes that support and celebrate the L13 brand. From there, we scheduled the themes across a calendar for the next two months.

Lastly, we created the account. For this, we needed to create our brand identity for the profile pic. Since the image area is small, we had to edit some of the elements of the L13 logo so it could be read easily. To do this, Adeline learned how to use Adobe Illustrator – which is no small feat.

With our instagram account created, we were ready to make our first post.

BONUS: The reverse mentoring we received from Adeline! She taught us how to create Instagram stories – a fun, fresh way to share a quick visual story. Want to see ours?

Lessons learned from the first week of mentoring/reverse mentoring? We have so much to learn from one another no matter the age. Taking the time to listen to another’s point of view and share yours, brings great rewards.

Larissa Killough
L13 Launches on Instagram!

Larissa Killough