hello gorgeous

NYC’s newly renovated Marquee nightclub was the perfect setting for a launch party to premiere a new modeling competition show called The Face. Utilizing their new sound and lighting system along with collaboration from the tech wizards at FakeLove, we threw a supermodel party of epic proportions.


Guests entered the event from the red carpet while paparazzi and event photographers snapped pics. Make-up stylists from Ulta provided complimentary glam sessions which could be captured by fashion photographer, John Ganun on a model-like photoshoot set. Throughout the night, a mashup of photos and videos from the show, red carpet, and photo booth were projected onto the Marquee’s 3-story LED walls. These images as well as the lights were synced to the DJ’s beats while the guests danced into the wee hours. Highlight: watching the talent with the gospel choir as they sang George Michael’s “Freedom” on the balcony above the dance floor. The next morning, we stationed food trucks serving burgers and fries outside their workplaces – the perfect hangover food for a perfect night! Return to photo gallery...


nailed it

Every summer, the Television Critics Association hosts a press event at the Beverly Hilton for more than 200 TV critics, to provide them with access to the people who make television – executives, producers and actors. All of the networks try to out do each other in generating the most excitement. However, we created the most buzz with our pop-up nail salon to promote a nail competition series called Nail’d It.


Working with local vendors, we transformed the International Ballroom at the Beverly Hilton into a salon, treating guests to mani/pedis and massages throughout the day. We installed temporary flooring, floor-to-ceiling curtains, spa furniture, and manicure stations. Branding was strategically placed throughout to promote the series without interfering with the spa experience. It was a great way to pamper the press and get them excited about the new show. In return, they blew up social media with their praise and love! Return to photo gallery...




We had 6 weeks to change the media’s negative perception of a controversial new reality series, Preachers of LA. Not only did we succeed in changing their perception, the show achieved the strongest premiere in the network’s history.


By setting the preachers in environments where they could be totally transparent and accessible, we provided a platform for the preachers to change the negative perception the media had of them. In Atlanta, Chicago, LA, and New York, we transformed venues to embody the show’s essence and voice through colors, shapes, music, flowers, lighting, catering, and performances. Journalists, bloggers, and social media influencers were invited to panel discussions moderated by popular radio talent to hear the preachers discuss and answer questions about their work and lifestyle. The events featured live performances, sit down dinners and after parties where the media was able to engage directly with the talent. Return to photo gallery...



super swag


Promotional items generate excitement, response, and demand. Who doesn't love freebies, especially when they're super swag?!?


We developed a coffee table book comprised of behind-the-scenes photography to promote a new modeling competition show. Through extensive interviews with the host of the show, we were able to include never before seen photos, but also, share never before heard stories about the experience and what happended on the set.


Another fun promo we created was a MP3 audio walking tour of London for the Olympics. We recorded the network's stars sharing their favorite hot spots in London onto MP3 players which were included in a package of Beats headphones for NBC execs traveling to London for the games. It was a great way to introduce the talent and provide interesting places to explore! Return to photo gallery...