we create events that empower women

we're passionate partiers,
badass marketers, rebel rousers, crowd pleasers, action heroes, tech witches,

and above all else,


We follow hunches. Chase after ideas. And devour stats to bring a brand to life in a big way.

We have 20 years experience making brands stand out in a sea of sameness. That’s because we find out what your story is and then share it with the world in exciting ways that make others want to share those stories for us.

That’s a true connection.

We empower our brands by building an ironclad strategy, zeroing in on the details, and creating a one-of-a-kind experience unique as their story.



We’re strategic event planners. From years of marketing experience, we’ve learned that having a strategy is essential for creating a brand experience with the greatest impact.

We figure out your purpose, your core beliefs, where you fit in, and how you make people feel. Then we communicate that in a way that gets others to care. 



We dig deep to find the truth in every story. To capture a brand's essence, we pay attention to every detail going into an experience.

Passionate. Obsessive. Call it what you will – our desire to get it right results in events that spark magic and leave lasting impressions. But more importantly, make a lasting social impact.



We are artists.

We approach each project with a fresh eye and zest for creating something new. Our experience building interactive installations has given us a unique insight into how to engage people in a creative way and make meaningful connections.  


Founder of L13

Larissa Killough is the "Founding Mother" of L13 as well as an artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. In 2017, she married her childhood sweetheart. Together, they merged families after being single parents for some time, and are raising and celebrating the diversity of their LGBTQ+ family.

For more than 25 years, she has been building brands and experiences. From developing Gap's original Old Navy branding and identity to throwing events for Ann Richards as a youth organizer on her 1994 gubernatorial campaign. 

She was the creative lead for 12 events promoting NBCUniversal's Oxygen network. There, she utilized her experience as a sculptor and advertising creative to transform spaces, create marketing campaigns, edit video, scout locations, develop run of shows, hire/oversee teams of editors, designers, sound engineers, music directors, choreographers, florists, venue managers, photographers, and caterers. 

Bringing people together has always been a motivating force for her. She's found her "happy place" utilizing her advertising and marketing experience to amplify her passion for social change. 

Photography by Linda Obuchoska

Photography by Linda Obuchoska