we create events that empower women

the stats

why focus on WOMEN?

advancing women's equality would add $12 TRILLION to global growth

McKinsey Global Institute, 2015


Women make 85% of all consumer purchases
but 91% of women feel that marketers don't get them.

Source: Yankelovich Monitor and Greenfield Online


11% of creative directors are female.

Source: Adweek, August 24, 2017

our solution: hire experts

We hire women. Our teams are comprised of women of all ages and backgrounds with a well-honed expertise at engaging women.

Of the 30% of women who dropout of the workforce,
70% would have stayed if they had workplace flexibility.

This amounts to 6.6 million women.

Source: Bain & Company, 2016

our solution: remote offices + flex-time hours

We're professionals. We can work from anywhere / anytime... and still meet deadlines and stay within budget.

8 in 10 Americans believe not having women in leadership positions prevents women from securing top leadership positions.

63% of women have NEVER had a formal mentor.

Source: Rockefeller Foundation, 2016

our solution: mentoring + reverse mentoring

We mentor women starting their careers. We mentor women established in their careers. We're building a network of support for women at all stages of their careers.